Natural Cosmetics Based on Plant-Origin Ingredients

Very Skin Friendly
Lovely for Delicate or Sensitive Skin and Normal Healthy Skin

Unperfumed ~ Not Tested on Animals

Our skin and hair-care products mostly derive from natural plant-based ingredients such as sweet almond oil, cocoa butter, palm oil, cider vinegar, sea salt etc., so they are very skin friendly. Whether you want to care for healthy skin to keep it that way, or need to look after delicate and sensitive skin, you should enjoy using these simple, non-perfumed, plant-based cosmetic products.

Our skin and hair-care products are all formulated so they can accept extra quantities of base oils and/or essential oils, so you can easily make up personalised formulations for yourself or your clients.

We hope you enjoy the simplicity and gentleness of our kind-to-the-skin natural cosmetics which have stood the test of time over more than two decades.

Moisturising Cream with Infused Oil of Carrot ~ SLS & Parabens Free

The popularity of our carrot moisturising cream is hardly surprising when you consider the wonderful natural ingredients, including infused oil of carrot, sweet almond oil, cocoa butter and oil of wheatgerm, rich in vitamin E. This hydrating and readily absorbed cream deserves to be thought of as a rich and luxurious skin-food, suitable for the most sensitive skin. A beautiful stand-alone moisturiser, this carrot-oil cream will readily accept the addition of your own formula of base and essential oils.

€ 7.25€ 12.95€ 17.95€ 24.50€ 36.00€165.00€315.00

Apricot Facial Scrub

Finely ground sweet almond shells gently exfoliate dead skin cells while the soothing vegetable glycerine, sweet almond oil and apricot extract moisturise the living tissue.

€ 6.45€ 11.25€ 16.95€23.95

Moisturising Lotion & Cleansing Milk

An SLS & parabens free moisture lotion based on sweet almond oil, vegetable glycerine and cocoa butter, natural and nourishing ingredients suitable for all skin types and total body use. Our cleansing milk is based on sunflower oil and cocoa butter, cleaning the skin and pores by emulsifying dirt and impurities without causing dryness or stripping natural oils from the skin. Together they make a gentle & effective combination in any cleanse & moisturise regime. For a toner use one of our organic hydrolats such as rose or orange blossom water, a soothing refresh for the face and mind.

Moisturising Lotion
100ml250ml500ml1 litre5 litres
€ 5.95€10.95€17.95€32.00€130.00
Cleansing Milk
100ml250ml500ml1 litre
€ 5.45€ 10.45€ 15.95€ 22.95

Shampoo & Conditioner

A shampoo derived from coconut oil and a conditioner based on sweet almond oil, gentle and caring products for all hair types, and thanks to the natural oil based hair-care formulas, they are especially suitable for damaged hair and sensitive scalps. If you wish, personalise your hair-care by adding a total of 1%-2% of appropriate essential oils and giving the bottle a darn good shake. (Consult a good aromatherapy book or a professional aromatherapist to determine what oils are suitable for your needs).

100ml250ml500ml1 litre
Shampoo€ 5.75€ 9.95€ 15.95€ 27.95
Rosemary Shampoo (2% organic Rosemary oil)€6.95€12.95€21.50€36.95
Shampoo organic€4.25€7.95€13.95€21.50
Organic Rosemary Shampoo€6.45€11.45€19.95€34.95
Conditioner€ 5.85€ 10.95€ 18.95€ 32.50

Foam Bath & Shower Gel

Even our foam bath is very gentle on the skin, thanks to the simplicity of a mere four ingredients: cocamide (an ingredient derived from coconut oil), a gentle foaming agent, water and salt. Perfect for a bubbly soak while caring for your skin. You can of course add 1-2% of appropriate essential oils for a special personalised bath or shower, if you wish. Our shower gel too is formulated to be kind to skin, based around cocamide, cider vinegar and sea salt with a minimum of preservative and a mild foaming agent.

100ml250ml500ml1 litre
Foam Bath€ 5.45€ 8.95€ 14.95€ 24.50
Shower Gel€ 5.95€ 9.95€ 16.95€ 27.50

Bath Oil

Made from oils of sweet almond & wheatgerm (one of nature’s finest anti-oxidants, rich in vitamin E) the oil disperses evenly throughout the bath water, thanks to a surfactant, so that your whole body is in contact with the oil while you soak. When you emerge from the bath, the bath oil replaces the natural layer of oil over the whole skin area. (Non-dispersible bath oils simply float on the surface of the water, limiting the amount of skin contact that is possible). For a specifically moisturising bath, add about one to two capfuls of bath oil, and maybe a few drops of rose otto for that Cleopatra (or Anthony?) feel. For moisturising purposes, make sure the water is not too hot and soak for not more than ten minutes. When you get out of the water, gently pat your body dry to avoid rubbing the oil off.

Just one note of caution: Bath oils make the bath seriously slippery. 

Take extra care getting in and out of the bath.

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