These vegan creams, with added herbal extracts, are free from any animal products and have not been tested on animals.  They have, though, been used for decades by humans and are very well liked for their hypoallergenic, and moisturising properties, with the added advantage of their herbal properties. Apply generously two or three times per day as required.

The aloe vera plant has long been prized for its soothing properties, especially with regard to burns such as sunburn. Our aloe gel is a soothing whole plant (aerial parts) extract, suitable for all ages.

60g120g250g500g1 litre
Aloe Vera Gel€ 6.95€11.95€ 19.95€ 32.95€ 49.95
Arnica € 6.95€ 11.95€ 17.95€ 27.95€ 45.95
Calendula€ 6.75€ 10.95€ 16.95€ 26.95€ 42.95
Ti Tree Pessaries x 15€10.45

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